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Restoring cars is fun and rewarding

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    Taking care of a live-in parent who needs a little help in their day-to-day life can minimize the loneliness and isolation that tends to come with living alone as a senior. But just because they’re living with you doesn’t mean that your parent is ready to give up on independence. Here are four ways you […]

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    Once you get your driving license, it’s time to start thinking about buying your first car. Your first car represents freedom, whether it’s in the form of visiting friends in another town or simply having more employment options. Your first car is also a huge responsibility, financially and safety-wise. In order to meet your responsibilities […]

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  • Why And How To Install A Cold Air Intake

    If you are looking to squeeze just a little more power out of your car’s engine, you will want to purchase and install a part called a cold air intake. Installing a cold air intake is typically the first step towards turning your car into a highly-tuned performance machine, and is arguably one of the […]

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  • How To Detect And Solve Common Brake Issues

    Keeping your vehicle’s brakes in working order is the best way to ensure your safety while out on the road. There are a number of common problems that can plague your brakes, with some obvious warning signs of which you will need to be aware. Below are a couple of these problems, as well as […]

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  • Get Top Dollar For Your Car When You’re Ready To Sell

    Within the first year of ownership, most vehicles depreciate in value by about 30 percent. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get top dollar for your car when it comes time to sell it. Using the following tips and tricks will help boost your resale value and maintain your vehicle’s optimal condition so you can […]

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  • Keeping It Green: Avoid Throwing Away Retired Tires

    When you think of automobile pollution, your mind probably jumps to emissions and car exhaust. While these are still of concern to the environmentally conscious world, tires also pose a pollution problem. There are things you can do to reduce the overall ecological footprint of your old tires. The Impact The tires on your car […]

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Vintage Car Searching

Finding the right car for you and your style is half the battle with car restoration. Whether you want to keep the car or sell it, finding one in the right condition can be tough.

Interior Car Restoration

Restoring the interior of a car is often more difficult than restoring the body or the engine. There are many more parts involved and they all add to visual aesthetics of the ride.

Finding the Perfect Parts

Restoring a car means finding the right parts. The years, makes, and models often have to match perfectly, otherwise the restoration isn’t perfect. Here are a few sources for parts.